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If you have water and drainage problems on your property, house or business you have come to the right place. We fix water and drainage problems.  

If you have standing water around your home after it rains, especially around the foundation you need to fix these issues before it causes more problems. 

Water is the main culprit to almost every foundation problem we have seen. Water effects the soil to a degree in which it can longer support the load of the structure. When this happens your house can become unleveled because the foundation is literally sinking into the ground. 

This sinking effect can also cause the foundation to crack and settle in undesirable ways. 

If you have not noticed any problems with your home such as stuck windows, doors that won't shut or are hard to open or cracks in your walls thank your lucky stars. 

It is much less expensive for the water problems to be fixed than it is to get them fixed and then also need to replace your foundation or level your home. 

We are specialists in the contractor field with these water and drainage problems. We know what it takes to cure the problems you are facing right now and offer a variety of drainage excavation services.  

We have the knowledge, experience, equipment and crew to make your water and drainage problems disappear. 

Call us today and have us come out and take a look at the situation and problem so we can assess exactly what will need to be done. There is no cost for this and a bid will be provided as well. 


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My name is Frank Millett and I have been doing construction for over 35 years and specializing in foundation, water drainage and pile driving for the last 15 years. Give me a call today and lets talk about your project.
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