Foundation Repair Pictures 

Please select from several projects we have completed. You can either click on the picture or the link and you will see several more photos and descriptions of those projects. This is great way to get a good idea what your project may entail.

partial foundation repairThis particular home only required about 50% of it's foundation replaced.
50% Foundation Replacement




major foundation problemsThis project was a complete replacement of a post and beam wood exterior foundation.
Post and Beam Foundation Replacement




sinking foundation, foundation repair sinking foundationSinking / sliding foundation resulting in a four inch drop of the garage and second story.
Sinking Foundation




pile driving servicesThis project was only for pile driving. The home was being built on marginal structural soils.
Pile Driving





remodel and foundation repair in ashland oregonThis was a combination of a foundation job, remodel and extensive drainage work. It is an amazing transformation. Slab Foundation 

 Foundation Repair

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