Oregon Foundation Replacement of a Post and Beam Exterior Wood Foundation

This is another example of one of the jobs we have done. The home had post and beam exterior wood foundation. The crawl space was almost non-existent so there was an appreciable amount of excavation in the under floor crawl space.

We installed a completely new foundation, concrete footing and stem wall. The concrete strip footing was installed to support the interior walls as well as the over all structure.

This foundation project was completed in about three weeks.

before foundation repair oregon, who to call for foundation repair in oregon, bend foundation repair, before and after foundation repair, common foundation problmes, wood foundation, post and beam foundationOver the years dirt has accumulated high against the home. And with an exterior wood foundation you can imagine the damage it has caused.







what do you do if you have foundation problems, are there problems with wood foundations, best foundation contractor in oregonSame home other side. This side as you can see, has a partial rock and mortar foundation. This is indicative of the time period the home was built. Same with the exterior wood foundation.














foundation excavation oregon, foundation excavation ashland or medford, remove bad foundation, replacement of foundationAs you can see we have started the excavation process on the foundation.









existing foundation removal oregon, remove foundation from existing home, removing a foundation from an existing home in portland The foundation has been completely removed. In the bottom of the picture you can see the rock and mortar that I pointed out in the second picture above.








foundation replacement forms, foundation footer forms, foundation contractor corvallisIn this picture you can see the forms being put together. This is just the beginning. The forms will go to the base of the home where we added green board to the frame.




 completed foundation repair project, foundation replaced, foundation removed and replacedAs you can see there was quite a bit of dirt removed during this project.



 retaining wall ashland, retaining wall builder ashland oregon, retaining wall contractor ashland orRetaining wall installed.



another completed foundation picture, foundation repair seaside oregon, foundation repair prinevilleOne last completion picture. Give us a call at 541-840-6572 to get a free appraisal on your project.

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