Partial Oregon Foundation Replacement

The pictures below are a start to finish of a foundation replacement. Approximately 50% of the foundation was replaced.

crumbling concrete, bad concrete, foundation problems, bad foundation signs, foundation contractor medford, foundation contractor roseburg, foundation contractor eugeneHere is an example of a foundation structural failure. As you can see the concrete foundation is literally crumbling apart. This could have been caused by bad concrete or it may have froze soon after it was poured. Also there was no steel in the concrete.

foundation repair grants pass, steel slide tubes, structural support for home, foundation contractor brookingsAfter excavating we cut out sections of the foundation. Then insert and attach steel slide tubes that support the home allowing us to remove the rest of the foundation easily.




foundation repair cost, non invasive foundation repair, how to repair a foundation, foundation contractor gold beach, foundation repair coos bayAfter the steel slide tubes are in place we then start removing the foundation. As you can see it can get a bit messy. This is why we use tarps where ever possible. We want to impact your property as little as possible and the tarps do a great job in helping us accomplish this.





foundation support, foundation repair beaverton, foundation contractor gresham, foundation contractor in eastern oregonHere is a picture of the foundation removed and the steel slide tubes doing their job in supporting the home.







finished single family foundation jobHere is the finished project. You can't even hardly tell we were there and replaced about 50% of this homes foundation.




finished foundation repairOne last picture of the finished project. Give us a call right now and let us give you a bid on fixing or replacing your foundation or other structural problems. 541-840-6572


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