Post and Pier Foundations

Post and pier foundations are typically found in older homes, those dating to the 1950’s and earlier. However there are some more modern homes out there with this type of construction.


We can add a new foundation to a home that is using this type of foundation.


There are several reasons why you would want to add a new foundation to a home like this.  


Typically they are hard to finance. Most lenders will want an appraisal to reflect comparable homes that have sold recently. The problem with this is that they are not common enough in Southern Oregon to find good comparable's to include in the appraisal. Thus the lenders will not finance the home.


Secondly there are safety issues with a home that does not have a foundation. First if there was ever and earth quake it is easy for the posts to become dislodged. With the posts dislodged the home can fall down completely or a portion of the home may fall. And yes we do have the occasional earth quake in Oregon.


Third, if the home is located on clay, the heaving from the expansion and drying can easily move these posts causing them to move or buckle. This in turn can create sagging in the home and unevenness in the floors.


Finally, we have seen many of these post and pier foundations where the post is sitting bare dirt or sitting on another wood block that is in the bare dirt. The issue with this is that the posts can rot quickly which in turn can cause structural movement and instability.


If you own a home with this type of construction or are thinking about buying a home with this construction. Give me a call and I can give you a free appraisal ion the costs for the installation of new concrete foundation. 541-840-6572


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