Sinking Foundation With Elevation Drop
in East Medford

The garage and second story of this home dropped in elevation four inches and was causing structural damage to the framing and finishes of the home.

foundation sinking, east medford foundation problems, hillside foundation problmes in oregon, foundation repair contractors in oregonThis is the beginning of this foundation repair project.








garage excavation, oregon excavation contractor,  Removed concrete in garage and are now excavating in order to place concrete grade support beams.





pile driver, pile driving oregon, pile driving contractor oregon, pile driving portland, pile driving medford, pile driving eugeneWe are now pile driving steel tubing down to bedrock to anchor the home in place.









excavation exterior walls, foundation excavation oregon, foundation contractor tigard, foundation contractor troutdale, commercial foundation repair contractor oregonExcavation of exterior walls on the garage.








foundation forms, concrete forms, forms for concrete grade beams, foundation contractor prinevilleThe entire garage has been excavated to make room for what you see here. These are forms for concrete grade beams.









sinking foundation medford, deck structural repairs, foundation contractor cottage grove, Deck structural repairs.








finished foundation repair, foundation contrator in grants pass oregon, fondation repair for east medford, foundation contractor in AshlandFinished foundation repair. Give me a call and let's talk about your foundation problems and how we can get those fixed. Call Frank at 541-840-6572

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My name is Frank Millett and I have been doing construction for over 35 years and specializing in foundation, water drainage and pile driving for the last 15 years. Give me a call today and lets talk about your project.
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