Peace of Mind Begins from the Ground Up

Your home’s foundation is its unsung hero. It keeps everything steady and supported.

It’s not just about the aesthetic appeal or the cozy interior of your home. The real security lies in what’s beneath it.

Over time, even the strongest foundations can face challenges from soil conditions, water damage, or past construction nuances. No matter the reason, our team is ready to step in and ensure your home remains as sturdy and dependable as ever.

The Persistent Challenge of Water Damage

Water damage and subpar drainage systems can lead to substantial foundation issues. When water accumulates or drainage is inadequate, it might cause the foundation to crack, shift, or even sink.

Always be observant of soil conditions around your home, especially after unusual weather patterns. Wet soil during dry periods or overly dry soil after a rain could hint at underlying drainage problems.

Recognizing the Early Signs of Foundation Trouble

Addressing foundation issues promptly can save you from more significant concerns down the road. Be vigilant about:

  • Cracks in the walls or ceilings
  • Doors that don’t shut properly or gaps appearing near them
  • Windows becoming difficult to open or close
  • Walls pulling away or detaching from adjacent walls
  • Noticeable sag or tilt in your flooring

These symptoms are essential indicators. They highlight that something might be off with your home’s foundation, requiring professional attention.

All About House Leveling

If you’re experiencing uneven floors, sticky windows, or misaligned doors, your house may need leveling. This procedure addresses issues stemming from various factors. Houses constructed on clay-rich soils, for example, may face more challenges since clay shifts over time and reacts differently with varying weather conditions.

Another important factor to consider is the construction era and materials used in building your home. For instance, homes built during the 1950s or earlier often utilized materials that weren’t reinforced as they are today. Without reinforcements like rebar to strengthen a concrete foundation, such bases become more susceptible to cracks, sinking, and settling.

House leveling fixes these issues, restoring balance and alignment to your home, ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment.

Why Choose Us for Your Foundation Repairs

With Millett Construction, Ashland residents are guaranteed:

  • Thorough foundation evaluations
  • Transparent, upfront cost estimates without any hidden surprises
  • Efficient handling of permits, should they be required, with city or county offices
  • Detailed clean-up procedures post-project completion
  • Use of the latest and most effective techniques for foundation repair

In Ashland, if you observe signs of movement or unsettling shifts in your home, know that our dedicated team is on standby, prepared to restore your foundation to its prime condition.

Your home shouldn’t move, slide, or sink. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, our team is ready to jump in and resolve your foundation issues.

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