There are four things you soon learn about Frank Millett when you hire him for a project: (1) He and his crew are very experienced and analyze problems well. They have seen just about everything in their careers and are not daunted by difficult jobs. (2) His price is fair and beats the competition. (3) As the project proceeds, he consults with you and seeks to integrate your ideas. (4) He keeps his word. We first hired Frank for a basement/foundation problem. Then Millett Construction built a fence with gates around our house. And last, Frank and his workers expertly repaired our rotting deck with new posts and railings. We will call him for any work in the future.

Thomas G. Paterson Ashland, OR

I met Frank through another contractor who called him to redo my patio. Frank demoed the old patio, expanded the patio area, adding retaining walls and drainage and I was very pleased with the end result. At that time I was in the middle of a construction project to add a studio, a bath with roll in shower and a 2 car garage. Frank took over this project as it became apparent the initial contractor was just not qualified. Frank had to redo much of the work performed by the first contractor. Permits were pulled and everything was done to code and passed by the city of Ashland Planning Department. After this project Frank built a Grape Arbor on a 12 foot square slab with a concrete ramp connecting the studio. I needed the ramp for my wheelchair which required the proper grade. This too turned out quite nice. Among other things Frank put in a French Drain, water lines for irrigation. I think most importantly Frank worked with me to get the project turned out the way I wanted it and we did this over the phone and through email as I am not on the West Coast. Frank was able to conceptualize and interpret my wishes into drawings and then reality. Overall I think Frank uses good judgment, he has the knowledge, skills and much of the equipment necessary to do the job. I would certainly call Frank if I had another construction project.

Larry Ashland, OR

I contacted Frank Millett Construction to make my floors level by jacking up the center beam of my house. I was contacted immediately and I was given a date for inspection right away. The contract for the work was concise and easy to understand. About a week after inspection he called with a work date.

All contractors have projects that may run over their estimates but not all of them contact you right away if something comes up. Millett Construction called before he was to work on my house and let me know that he would be delayed and set a new date. Having waited months for other contractors to call me back for anything, it was refreshing to find one who answered his calls in a timely fashion.

All the work was done in a timely manner and he answered all my questions and concerns throughout the job. He cleaned up the work site after he was done and even reimbursed me when the handle on the wheel barrow I loaned him broke. His prices were very reasonable and the job was just what the house needed.

Rev. D.O. Briggs Jefferson, OR

We called upon Frank to assist us with a drainage and recurring flooding issue at our rental on Siskiyou Blvd. Frank was quick to respond to our call and meet us at the site. He did a thorough assessment of the situation, looked at what we had done to mitigate the problem and within a few days, had a sound plan that we agreed upon. His work was timely and professional. The job was completed as planned and the estimate was within reason. As of this date we have had no further problems with flooding of our property.

Kathy Rowe

December 2009 we purchased an old house in Ashland that needed a new foundation.

We researched foundation options and gather four bids from various contractors within the local area. We were most impressed with Frank and felt he was more prepared and capable of doing our job. However, we did contact other homeowners that Frank had worked with who all gave positive comments. We even contacted a Medford civil engineer who had worked with Frank as well as other contractors on out list. Again, the advice given was that Frank had the experience, capability, and track record for the kind of job we were planning.

After signing a contract for the work, Frank began the job in February 2010. For the next 6 weeks, Frank and his crew made steady progress on what appeared to be a significant undertaking. As the project continued Frank kept us informed and made adjustments in our plan always with the phrase "We can do that".

The end result of Frank's work is a foundation under a 100+ year old house that will allow the house to go for another 100 years. As people pass by they continually comment on the rejuvenation of this old house and especially to the foundation. Foundations are not always the most noticeable part of the house, but in our case the neighbors and passerby tracked the hard work of Frank Millett and crew, and were happy to see that old house would be around for some time.

We would never have a moment's hesitation to work with Frank in the future.

Carl and Louise Isaacson Newcastle, CA

On an exceptionally rainy season in November 2010 we experienced a basement leak. We had no prior experience with such a problem - but fortunately we were referred to someone with a tremendous amount of experience - Frank Millett. Frank provided an accurate estimate shortly after he visited the site which was complete with a proposed solution, timeline and estimated cost. After giving Frank the OK, he and a small crew started the project within 2 weeks.

There were a few twists and turns during the course of the project, but Frank and his crew were able to stay on schedule and were even able to work in a couple extra projects (new gutter drain and electrical conduit run) for an incremental cost.
Frank and his crew were hard working and great to work with. I highly recommend them.

Adrian Hillsboro Oregon

Frank Millett has worked with me on 2 projects at my home in Ashland. He provided pile driving, firm construction, concrete replacement and finishing services for a slab and footing for a 24x24 two story outbuilding and later drove pile and poured a slab for a deck and storage shed attached to that outbuilding. Both of these jobs were on fill material adjacent to a very steep slope and we needed his pile driving equipment and expertise to make sure the building wouldn't settle or slide down the slope.

I found Frank extremely knowledgeable as well as very flexible and patient in the face of unexpected difficulties and changing requirements. He's very easy to work with and will go the extra mile to make sure his clients are satisfied.

Michael Corcoran Ashland, OR

After a few weekends spent renting equipment and trying to build a retaining wall myself I had it. I was wasting time and money trying to do this on my own to "save money". I got in touch with Frank and he was working on the job within just a couple of days. I was amazed at how quickly he excavated everything in preparation for the retaining wall. What took Frank a couple of days would have taken me at least 2 months of working on the weekends.

The retaining wall looks great. Frank is extremely knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. All I can say is why try and do this stuff yourself when you can hire a professional like Frank to get it done for you?

I highly recommend Frank and his services. You won't go wrong hiring him for your projects.

Matt Allen Phoenix OR

Our ranch style house had a sump pump that had been running regularly for two years after a room addition brought our crawl space too close to the water table. The remodeling contractor had installed a perimeter drain but it turned out to be too shallow. We needed a better way to protect our house from ground water.

Frank came by and sized up the situation. We needed a footing drain that was lower and another perimeter drain 10 feet beyond that. He told us that it would be very close as to whether we could get enough slope to eliminate the pump, which we dearly wanted to do.

Frank agreed to work with us by doing all the excavation and planning the job. We bought the materials with his guidance and did some of the pipe installation ourselves. Frank was available by phone whenever we had questions about what to buy and kept us posted on his fluid schedule.

Working with Frank was easy because he was organized and skilled. He was plainly concentrating on our job, even though he had a much bigger job coming up next. Frank was also a wizard with his machines. He never boxed himself in with piles of dirt, and did a masterful job digging over, under, and around the existing sewer pipe in our rock-hard front yard.

Frank kept us informed when plans had to change and he spent as much time as we needed to explain it before we felt we understood enough to go forward.

As we got near the end of the job, our new drain had to fall within inches to be actually “passive.” Frank was in and out of his excavators whenever he needed to check trench depth against his laser. He was rarely off as he eyed the progress, but he took the time to confirm.

In the end, Frank’s plan worked. Three days after completion, when our neighbors irrigated their field, our sump pump did not start … not once. We were delighted to see the water that before would have migrated under the house, now daylighting at the ditch by gravity.

I would recommend Frank Millett with no reservations.

Michael Shore Ashland

We continue to be very satisfied with the house and it's workmanship. As you remember it was built in 1990-1991 and we moved in I believe May 1991.

I certainly can recommend you without reservation for any future home building project. We found you to be reliable, trustworthy and dependable. You communicated well as the project progressed. Workers you employed were of excellent quality.

Should any future client wish to talk to us directly we would be more than happy to do that.

John Brawner Medford OR

We were so thoroughly satisfied and happy with the home you built for us in 1996. We were sad when we had to sell due to a developer that had bought all the surrounding property. We would still be there enjoying the home.

Should anyone want to contact us we would be glad to let them know what a good and speedy job you did for us. You were and still are an honest contractor that gives fair bids and sticks to it, as well as completing the job in a timely manner. Having our home built in a mere 7 weeks was phenomenal.

That is the reason why we looked you up in November 2011 to do the remodel of our bathroom in the home we now occupy. Once again, you were honest in the bid you gave, were here when promised and completed the job in a timely manner. We will certainly call on you again.

John and Virginia Nosal Klamath Falls OR

It is a pleasure to recommend Frank Millett Construction. I have known Frank for more than 15 years. He managed the construction of my custom home with superior knowledge of the trade. I appreciated his hands on approach and his exceptional attention to detail. Frank proved to be an honest and reliable contractor.

I have previously recommended Frank to family and friends and will continue to give him my whole hearted endorsement.

Diane Rogers Medford OR

Frank Millett was the General Contractor for our home, which we began building in August, 1988. We interviewed six contractors before deciding on Frank, all recommended by the Architect who designed our house. We were told that Frank is meticulous with details, and very conscientious. When we met him, we had the strong sense that his reputation was accurate.

For us, with a large family and many demands on both our time and our financial resources, choosing Frank was a good decision. He worked closely with us on the financial aspects of the project, and was sensitive to all of our concerns along the way. If he was not satisfied himself with the outcome of a subcontractor’s work, he took responsibility to take care of it, and we never had to voice a concern. We have now lived in our house for twenty four years. We often think of the extra effort Frank made to ensure we have a solid, and wonderful home.

Frank is a quiet man by nature, but he is a man of very strong convictions, and he is a man of his word.

Bob and Jody Cole

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